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We buy and sell raw gold, crushed ore, concentrate, gold nuggets, and more, we are happy to evaluate your gold and offer you the best possible price.

Egoli Gold

Egoli Gold has been involved in the both refined and unrefined gold market for over a decade. we have a genuine passion for the metal. our goal is to offer an assortment of just about every type of natural gold at reasonable prices.

The gold that we offer has originated from numerous locations, most of which have been mined by hard-working prospectors and miners. please be sure to save us in your favorites and visit often, as we are always updating our website with new and exciting deals and promotions.

Gold Nuggets in Congo and Gold Bars

Buy Gold Nuggets in Congo and gold bars from us because we are the leading sellers of the following mineral Gold bars and Gold Nuggets in Congo 98.9% purity 24 carats of Congo origin (DRC), Uganda, South Africa & Southern Sudan, Central Africa (Gold Nuggets in Congo) on good price. 

We can supply Gold up to 600 kilograms or even More at a generally low price to meet the buyer's resell value for his money, We Can Supply both Wholesale and Retail, and the Buyer is free to come down for inspection and viewing of the goods at our headquarters in Kampala, Uganda. We sell and deliver all over the World. 

We have in stock four (4) Standard categories of Gold ” 24 Carat – 98.9% Gold ” 18 Carat – 75% Gold ” 18 Carat – 58.3% Gold ” 12 Carat – 50% Gold Firstly, it’s worthwhile to note that gold (Au) in itself is a commodity that’s been highly coveted ever since the World knew of beauty and economics – as far back as biblical times.

Natural High-Quality Gold Sales

You have to understand that we have made it easy for you to Buy Gold from 200 grams to 50 kgs in one shipment these days on the satisfactory charges for the best pleasant gold mined from the democratic republic of Congo. 

Gold Mining in Uganda

Uganda is blessed with gold deposits, whose availability has helped to sustain as well as change many lives for the better, although not always without conflict. Let’s look at Uganda’s gold mining sector (gold mining Uganda) in the account given below.

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At Egoli Gold, we have decades of experience in the gold business and we have a reputation for top-quality products and service. We provide one of the best shopping experiences on the internet, something we are proud of and which has always been our goal.
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